CSL 5 Star Awards allow the CSL community to highlight the stand out teams and referees that dedicate themselves to behaviors that support the life skills and development of the young men and women who play in CSL.


As you may be familiar with, after each CSL game both teams are asked to rate the opposing team on a series of questions, as well as rate the referee on their performance. In addtion, referees also rate the teams involved in their games.

Did you show respect, did you play the game the right way, and were you part of a positive game day experience? These are the types of questions teams and referees are asked and they enter a rating between 1 and 5 stars.

This valuable tool is unique to CSL, and offers the league a way to reward teams and referees beyond just the result on the scoreboard.

Rewarding The Teams

CSL rewards the “5 Star Teams” within the league with a celebratory tournament. This invite only event is for 5 star teams and clubs who have supported the league’s aim of providing the best and most positive game environment for it’s members.

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Learning from the data

Reviewing the data during the season makes us aware of potential behavioral issues, and post season data analysis helps us improve the league, and the soccer experience , for next year.

Lets take a look at the Fall 2022 Referee data.