Fall 2024 Season Information

New Season, Exciting New Opportunities!

The time to start preparing for the Fall 2024 season is now. Fall 2024 is shaping up to be our best yet, with the league seeing significant growth in both the number of clubs involved, as well total teams.

We wan't everyone to enjoy their first weekend of games and that starts with being prepared. Here's some things you should know before the first ball is kicked.

Sideline Behavior:

When parents exhibit positive and supportive behavior, it creates a positive environment where children can develop not only their physical skills but also their emotional and social well-being. Encouraging words, respectful interactions with coaches and officials, and demonstrating good sportsmanship teach invaluable life lessons about teamwork, respect, and resilience. Conversely, negative sideline behavior, such as aggressive criticism or confrontational outbursts, can be detrimental, fostering anxiety, pressure, and diminished enjoyment for young athletes.

Let's remember to be respectful to referees, the players, and the opposing sideline and enjoy watching our children play the beautiful game.

Stay Informed:

Having information at your fingertips is not just an important part of life today, it’s essential to managing your busy schedule. CSL has further improved the app during the off season to make it even better. Improvements to usability, rating systems, standings and schedules are all apart of this upgrade and we hope this technology improves to the overall experience of playing in CSL. You can download it for FREE in both the Apple App Store and Google Play stores, just search Coast Soccer League.

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"Coast is thrilled to kick off another exciting season! I'd like to thank all the coaches, parents, players and referee's involved with the league for their dedication and support in making CSL the best league in the country."

Bernard Towers - CSL President

Know The Rules:

All new and returning teams should review the League Rules prior to the season. Each year small adjustments are made to keep up with current national rules and regulations and to improve the league experience as a whole. Team managers and Coaches need to be aware of roster rules, referee fees, League Cup signup dates, and much more. We also put together a helpful spreadsheet with correct game standards for each level of play such as field sizes, game times, # of players, goal and ball sizes etc.

Team Manager Resources:

Team Managers play an important role in the success of their team, and for the league as a whole. If you have not checked out the Team Manager Handbook, or reviewed the Referee Fee's, please do so. The team manager handbook has everything you need to know.

League Cup Sign Ups:

CSL League Cup is a tournament organized by Coast Soccer League. League Cup is played at or near the end of the Regular League Season, and is offered to any CSL Team in good standing that has participated in the current regular season.

There is no fee to play in League Cup. Any team that is participating in the Fall 2024 regular season is already automatically qualified to play. However, each Team Manager MUST sign-up on the CSL App if their team is to participate. Signups will be available September 16th through the 30th. Learn more HERE.

Good luck this season!