Coast Soccer League (CSL) is the oldest and most successful competitive soccer league in Southern California. All of today's successful clubs got their start in CSL, and more National Champions have been won by CSL teams than any other league in the nation. So, there is a rich history of success that got it beginning more than fifty years ago.

The inaugural meeting of Coast Soccer League was held in early 1968, the league started with just 30 teams from 10 clubs. By the mid- 1970’s the league was rapidly expanding as the marriage of both the recreational and competitive philosophies emerged and successful recreational leagues such as (Orange Junior SC, Fullerton Rangers etc.) created teams from the best recreational players.

CSL grew to become the preeminent competitive league in Southern California, and during the 1990’s the League was run by Gary Sparks who created the CSL Premier division for the top teams. Gary oversaw a period of tremendous growth that was sparked off in part by the World Cup being held in the US in 1994. In 2001 Karen Sparks – no relation to Gary – took over as Exec Director, and Karen has worked tirelessly ever since for the betterment of the game, the teams, the league, and most important to Karen, the kids.

Today CSL serves teams from all over Southern California ensuring that competitive teams have a home where the play level is determined by performance on the field, and schedules, referees and fields are organized for the players to enjoy a safe, enjoyable soccer environment.

“Each of the Coast Soccer League participating clubs operates independently of the gaming circuit. It is independent about recruiting, membership fees, coaching philosophy, club organization, fund-raising, and home field site.
The League operates for the purpose of preparing game schedules, assigning referees, and ensuring that clubs maintain the safe conduct of the games, players, spectators, and administrators”

The CSL Pyramid

CSL operates an "open" system to ensure every team competes at the level they have earned. From the first entry into competitive play, up to elite level soccer, CSL provides each team with the opportunity to succeed. CSL Premier is the pathway to success at both the regional, and national level.  Direct entry into the Pacific Conference (via Premier and CRL play) offers CSL teams a pathway to compete at the highest level regionally, and the best opportunity to receive an invitation to play in the USYS Far West Regionals and the National League.

CSL's system of promotion and relegation offers an equal opportunity to all teams involved, and where a team plays in the division determined by its play on the field, not the name of the club. Other leagues operate on a "closed" system, where only chosen teams can play and the results on the field do not influence where you play. A "closed" system DOES NOT reward hard work, and a commitment to excellence on the field. ECNL, ECRL, GA, MLS Next, EA, DPL ALL operate a "closed" league system.  

Coast Soccer League's team pathway, allows families the opportunity to find their own path. CSL has an equal commitment to leagues at every level of play, from Premier through Division 3, Select, and Juniors. CSL offers both seasonal and year-round playing opportunities to ensure every team gets the experience they want. Every family is different, each child is different. and each team is unique. CSL's league offerings cater to these differences and allows for the best fit for your team and/or child.

There are no limits, create your own success story.