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Playing Options For All Levels Of Play

Coast Soccer League is excited to offer teams the opportunity to play competitive soccer this spring and prepare for the fall 2023 season. CSL will offer leagues at all levels of play, with CRL for Premier teams, our Signature and Juniors leagues for entry level teams, and the traditional Spring League that includes Spring Cup for all levels in-between.

One of the primary goals of Spring Soccer is to allow more players to compete in a competitive soccer environment without the pressure to win at all costs. Your team can gain valuable playing time before State Cup or to prepare for the upcoming 2023 Fall Season.

What League Should Your Team Play In?

  • CSL Spring League:

    The Spring League is for CSL Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 teams. It will use the 2023-24 game format, have flexible rosters and deliver the full CSL experience. Registration will include the CSL seeded Spring Cup tournament to allow for different levels of play.
  • California Regional League:

    The California Regional League provides your team the best opportunity to play against high level competition during the Spring. Top Teams from CSL Premier and CSL Championship Divisions will face off against top teams from other leagues in the Southern California region. This is a unique opportunity to also qualify for the USYS Pacific Conference, as well as USYS West Regionals. To learn more about CRL, or to register, visit the CRL website.
  • Select & Juniors League:

    The Select and Juniors Leagues are the two introductory CSL leagues for youth players and families designed to promote good sportsmanship, fair play and a safe environment. It provides an alternative to the more competitive level of play and focuses on smaller geographic regions.

    One of the key differences between Select League and Juniors is that in Select coaches must be "Volunteer". In Juniors they may be paid or unpaid To learn more and register, click here.


Games will be played in March and April (10 games) with Spring Cup held in May. To learn more about the CSL Spring league, please read the frequently asked questions below. You can find more information about California Regional League by visiting the CRL Website here, and learn all about our Juniors and Signature Programs here. Lastly, Spring League and Spring Cup rules and regulations can be viewed here.

Register today to be a part of CSL Spring League! 



  • I have a player that did NOT play Club last year. Can they play in the Spring League?
    Yes, as long as the player is registered with Cal South. Contact your club registrar for registration.

  • Q: When is the last date a team can sign up?
    The deadline to sign up for Spring Soccer is January 30, 2023.

  • How much does it cost to play in Spring Soccer?
    $450 with fields: club is able to provide fields for home games
    $750 without fields: club is unable to provide fields for home games.
    Clubs will be invoiced or teams can mail checks to CSL, 350 South Glassell, Orange CA 92866.

  • If my team drops from the league, can I get a refund?
    Teams who drop after February 10, 2023 will not receive a refund.

  • When does the Spring Soccer season start?
    The Spring Soccer season starts Saturday, March 4th, 2023 and runs through end of April 2022.

  • What is Spring Cup?
    Spring Cup will be played in May 2023 and entry is included in your team fee. Girls Spring Cup will be played May 6th, 7th & 13th. Boys Spring Cup will be played May 13th, 20th and 21st.

  • Do teams receive medals and trophies for Spring League?
    Teams do not receive medals and trophies for Spring League as the Spring Season is used for developing players. However, teams do receive medals for Spring Cup.


  • My team is not registered with Cal South. Can my team participate in Spring League?
    Your team must be registered with Cal South in order to play in Spring League.


  • Can loan players be used?
    Yes, there is no limit on the number of loan players.

  • Can new players participate in Spring League?
    Yes, new players can participate in Spring League if they are registered with Cal South. New players must be registered by noon on the Thursday before the weekend's games to participate in the upcoming weekend's games. New players can be registered by their respective Club registrar according to local club policies. Players without a valid player pass will NOT be eligible to participate.


  • Spring 2023 format | Roster Sizes for Spring 2023:
  • 2016-2014 (7v7) | 12 players
  • 2013-2012 (9v9) | 16 players
  • 2011 (11v11) | 18 players
  • 2010-2005 (11v11) | 22 players


  • If my team provides a home field, will half of our games be home games?
    Your team could end up having more home games depending on if your opponent provides a home field. The home and away system does not apply to Spring League.

  • Will any games not involving our club be scheduled on the fields we supply?
    No, only games involving your club will be scheduled at your designated home field(s).
  • Can our team participate in Spring League if we do not have a home field?
    Yes. We will try to have your team join with another local club for home games. Your team will pay a fee/game to the home hosting club. If your team is unable to join with another local club, then your team will have all away games.


  • Do you schedule around State Cup?
    Yes, we make every effort to schedule around State Cup. Teams will need to email us at if their team is playing in State Cup so we can accommodate you.

  • Is our team able to request playing 2 games/day?


  • How are the teams bracketed?
    We bracket the teams based on previous seasons level of play and also by geographic location.

If you have any questions about any of the Spring Leagues we offer don't hesitate to ask. You can call us at 714-771-1964 or email