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About League Cup

CSL League Cup is a tournament organized by Coast Soccer League. League Cup is played at or near the end of the Regular League Season, and is offered to any CSL Team in good standing that has participated in the current regular season.
All teams in a given Age Group wishing to participate in the League Cup are seeded against the other teams in that Age Group based upon their position in the standings in midseason. The exact procedure can be found in the CSL Rules and Regulations Section 12 - Competitions, Standings
and Awards. The tournament is played starting with a preliminary round, and then goes to an elimination format. The games are played on CSL venues throughout the CSL area. 

The preliminary round is usually scheduled on a Saturday/Sunday, with pools of three teams playing two games each. The winner of each pool, and possibly a few second place teams as Wild Cards, will advance to the next round, which begins the single elimination rounds. After that, it is just a matter of eliminating teams until there are only two left. The winner of that game, the League Cup Final, is the new League Cup Champion for that season, and the losing team becomes the League Cup Finalist. Players on both teams are awarded a large trophy and an appropriate t-shirt. The coach of the Champion Team is awarded a huge Cup Trophy. 

There is no fee to play in League Cup. Any team that has participated in the current Regular Season is already automatically qualified to play. However, each Team Manager MUST sign-up on the CSL App if their team is to participate.

TEAM MANAGERS -- to signup your team to participate in League Cup on The App go to Team Manager - Edit Team. You can't miss it!