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New Season, Exciting New Opportunities!


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For more than fifty years Coast Soccer league has been committed to providing the best competitive soccer experience in Southern California, and we are inviting teams, regardless of where they play, to become part of the CSL experience.

At CSL, we're committed to providing every team with the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their club's name or level of play. The league operates an "open" system, where every team competes at the level they have earned, from their first entry into competitive play all the way up to elite level soccer.  
Unlike other leagues that operate on a "closed" system, where only chosen teams/clubs can play and the results on the field do not influence where you play, CSL rewards hard work and a commitment to excellence on the field. Our system of promotion and relegation offers an equal opportunity to all teams involved, and where a team plays in the division earned by its play on the field.

There are no limits, create your own success story.   

At the elite level, CSL Premier provides the pathway to success at both the regional and national level. Direct entry into the Pacific Conference via Premier and CRL play offers CSL teams a pathway to compete at the highest level regionally, and the best opportunity to receive an invitation to play in the USYS Far West Regionals and the National League.  

But CSL is not just about winning. We're a purpose-driven organization that believes participation in sport creates a stronger platform for success in life. We're committed to providing a platform that supports the growth and development of young men and women at every level of the sport. CSL's Five Star recognition program acknowledges teams, coaches, parents, and officials who provide a platform for young girls and boys to enjoy the game and emerge with skills that will help them create success in life.   

So, if you're looking for a soccer league that values fair play, equal opportunity, and a commitment to excellence both on and off the field, look no further than the Coast Soccer League. Join us today for the Fall 2023 season and become part of a winning community where there are no limits to what you can achieve!