Regardless of the sport, no official game can be played without the referee, officials are the third team on the field and essential to the success of the game. At CSL no game can take place without the referee and the league believes the referees play an important role in the creation of a 5 Star game day experience. Coast Soccer League wants to encourage those who share our passion for the game to sign up to become a referee, in doing so you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the young men and women who play in the league. Youth soccer's greatest value is the role it plays in the development of character, values and life skills and by becoming part of the CSL game day experience a referee becomes part of this growth.

At Coast Soccer League we believe every referee is committed to his/her craft, they enter the field of play ready to have a positive influence on the game day experience. Officials understand their role in making the game day environment positive and safe, they are committed to making quick decisions about the game as consistently and accurately as possible and importantly they are neutral about the outcome of the game. That is why at CSL we believe that when players, coaches, parents and referees work in harmony the game becomes more enjoyable for everyone.

Coast Soccer League is committed to providing the best possible competitive youth soccer experience, but we need referees, players, coaches and spectators to be part of the effort. As we begin preparations for the fall 2019 season we are asking everyone to consider how the can be part of a 5-Star game day experience. By becoming a referee you will become part of the world's largest youth soccer experience and be making a difference in the lives of the young men and women who play in the league.