OPENING DAY is here and we need your help to be certain our information is current and accurate.

You will be using the CSL App to manage your rosters and report your game results. You can also resend match reports to any email address. AND, new this season, you can rate the referee who worked your game and rate the sportsmanship of your opponent.

First, if you don't have it yet, download the CSL App. For Apple devices it's HERE. Android is HERE. When completing your profile select Team Manager as your role and enter your Mobile Access Code (MAC). If you didn't receive your MAC via email, you can get it from your Club Admin or the CSL Office. (949-771-1964 or roma@coastsoccer.com)

Once that's done you will see Team Manager as an option on your app menu. From there you can edit your roster, enter games results.

After each game click SCOREKEEPING and enter the number of goals for each team and the number of referees, You will then be prompted to touch yellow, double yellow or read for the players and coaches who received cards for each team. When you submit the info, standings and scores are updated immediately on web and app. If the referee or opposing team manager entered results before you, you will get a message indicating that they were faster than you!

This item will appear on your menu when Refs and Teams have not been rated. You have until Wednesdays to complete the NVWH (No Victory Without Honor) ratings. You will have the opportunity to rate the center referee for your game. There are three statements you can evaluate from Strongly Agree (5 stars) down to Strongly Disagree (1 star). Using the same Star system, you then respond to the 3 statements about your opposing team. The referee and the opposing team will not know how each team has evaluated them but may see an average rating later in the season.

Match Reports are sent to you via email on Friday mornings for the upcoming weekend games. Here you can resend your Match Reports on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to any email address.

In this section you can upload your team photo. It displays on your Team Profile on the App and on coastsoccer.com on your Standings and Roster Pages. In addition, this is where you manage your player, coach and manager info.

From September 15 to 30 a League Cup item will appear on your menu. You must click YES if you want to participate in League Cup. You will receive more info about League Cup shortly.

You can send a message to anyone who is following your team in MY TEAMS. It will arrive as a pop-up on their devices and remain on their News Feed for 72 hours or until they delete it.

Let your parents know about the CSL App. It's the easiest way to get schedules, directions, standings and more. Good luck and have a fun season!