Referee Policy

All Clubs in CSL with ten (10) or more participating teams will provide either two (2) new “Referee Recruits” and $65 each ($130) for training/certification – or - $500 submitted with  their Club Portfolio Application each and every year.

All Clubs in CSL with nine (9) or fewer participating teams and all Independent Teams will provide either one (1) new “Referee Recruit” and $65 for training/certification – or - $250 submitted with their Club Portfolio Application each and every year. This is based upon the number of teams from the Club that apply to play in CSL for the upcoming season.


A. The Referee Recruit may be any individual 14 years of age or older. The Recruit must be new to competitive soccer (as a referee) and must not have been a certified USSF Referee prior to January 1st of the present calendar year.


B. Each Referee Recruit will have their name/address/phone number entered on the online Club Portfolio Application, and printed on the Club Portfolio Application sent in to CSL.


C. Each Referee Recruit will be required to attend a CSL Hosted Basic USSF Referee Course or make alternate arrangements with the CSL Referee Director. They must then     join a Referee Association and be assigned to and complete a minimum of five (5) CSL League games .   Although these games will serve to complete the Club's/Independent Team's Policy requirement, the new Referee will be in all respects as any other USSF

Referee and will be eligible for compensation for any game refereed.


D. If the Club/Independent Team fails to provide the Recruit or fee at the time of Club Application, it may delay or cause the refusal of the entire Club Application. In any case, if the Club can not provide the Recruit or if the Recruit fails to complete the requirements, the appropriate fee will be assessed and the Club will be invoiced.   Failure to pay the invoice will result in the Club being submitted for “Bad Financial Status” with CYSA-S, and the following Season's CSL Application will be refused.


E. Although CSL may provide assistance to the Referee Recruits in completing the Basic Referee Course and finding a Referee Association, it is the responsibility of the Referee Recruit to actively pursue completion of the requirements of this Policy. The Recruit's failure to complete the requirements for ANY reason will constitute failure by the Club or Independent Team .


F. All Referee Recruits MUST have attended a Basic Referee Course, and be a certified USSF Grade 8 Referee by September 30 th of the current year.   All Referee Recruits MUST have completed at least five (5) games by November 30th of the current year.   Failure of the Referee Recruit to complete the requirements by the deadline dates shall be the sole responsibility of the Club/Independent Team, who shall then be assessed $250 for each Referee Recruit who failed to fulfill the requirements.


G. Clubs that do not comply may suffer loss of playing privilege and be restricted from adding new teams to CSL, in addition to the assessment of fees.

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